Where to find fonts?

Blambot offers comic fonts for lettering, SFX and design. There are free and paid fonts. This is the best place to go to find fonts that are specifically designed to work well with comic projects. 


Thumbnail and Script Template

Here is a blank thumbnail and script template, feel free to download and print as many as you need.ThumbnailScriptTemplate-01

A quick guide to 5 point story structure

Here is an enlarged version of the 5 point cards that were used in class. Click on it to get the full sized version for printing.5 point story structure

The Grimace Project

Need Help With Facial Expressions?

This brilliant project helps you find facial expressions and dial their intensity up or down. grimaceproject2

For example, imagine your character is getting closer to the top of a roller-coaster ride. What do they feel? In my mind it would be a combination of  some joy and a lot of fear/apprehension if my character has a fear of such rides.


How about a crazed assassin who has finally cornered their prey after a long chase? The result could be a lot of Anger and Joy mixed together.

Here is the link: www.grimace-project.net

Adobe Tutorials

Click on the links for help with your software.

Adobe’s Illustrator User’s Manual

Adobe’s Photoshop User’s Manual

Also, Adobe’s website contains many video tutorials, and you can also find help at Lynda.com

Adobe Comic Templates

Click Here then download the zip file which contains the comic templates you will need for class. 

*Note* Legacy CS4 Illustrator Templates have been added.