Slideshow Day One- Intro and Contours

Low Latency Grapheme Descriptors

squiggly     blob    smear      path      trail     roundish    ovalish     kinda round     nook    craggly    jagged     wrinkle      amorphous     amoeba     drip    splash      ripple     lump     segment       contour     blotch     glob    daub     dab      fragment     morsel     particle     boundary      chunk      segment    division     wedge

Qualifiers and Suffixes

Kind of       Sort of      could be a      Basically     Essentially     Generally      Mostly      Pretty     Rather     Slightly    Somewhat     Virtually

—like      plantlike       treelike

—-ish     roundish



Print Your Own Protractor

If you would like something more acurate than the clock, you can buy a clear protractor in stores or use this printable protractor. Print on clear acetate sheets which are available at most office supply stores.

class grapheme exercise

Remember how easily we created this image? By breaking down the larger image into meaningless lines and shapes- aka graphemes, you were able to easily reproduce the artwork. By simplifying the image by looking for non-latent form, shapes, etc and putting together what we see piece by piece like a puzzle, we created a complex drawing. Bravo!


Homework Pt 1

Finish the upside down line drawing without turning the source right side up. Use low latency words when you catch yourself subvocalizing. Catch the inner critic and just acknowledge the voice and decide to not take it’s advice.

For an added challenge, find another line drawing, cartoon, hieroglyph, etc. and try drawing that one upside down.