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Quick Draw: A Crash Course For Absolute Beginners

Learn to draw, even if you can’t. By adopting the most effective drawing techniques and applying the latest in cognitive research, this course helps novices/absolute beginners to draw what they see (representational drawing) in approximately 10 to 12 hours of class time.  It provides a simple explanation of how one’s own thought process interferes with the ability to draw, and then explains what “natural-born” talents do differently, thus guiding you towards adopting the same mindset and directing you on a path to obtaining similar results. If you have the motor-skills to sign your name, then you have the ability to draw what you see. No magic or time travel required.

Draw What You Think

Is there anything more frustrating than having a great idea and then trying to show someone its grace and virtue, but all you can come up with is stick figures? This is a crash course in expressing thoughts and ideas in visual form. Using simple shapes, cartoons, and sequential drawing techniques, you will be able to storyboard, sketch or doodle your idea so that others get it. We will focus on simple visual communication that you can create on anything from a cocktail napkin to the latest graphic tablet in order to convey your ideas with clarity.


I offer courses, workshops and coaching in visual communication through drawing, digital printmaking, painting and studio art techniques.
Most recently, I’ve taught Quick Draw at MIT for the Spouses and Partners association and the MIT Retirees Association, and I’m currently offering private and group study.

Artful Meditation

Artful Meditation combines meditation with drawing to produce a state of  deep absorption and relaxation, and helps overcome obstacles to concentration. Participants will learn active meditation through drawing. Many studies point to the effectiveness of mindfulness and mantra meditation techniques in managing emotional symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, and stress) and reducing physical symptoms (e.g., pain). Some participants in these studies found that learning and practicing meditation in a group is especially helpful.  Further, by engaging in a tangible, physical exercise–drawing–students can quickly overcome or bypass obstacles to mindfulness meditation, namely doubt, restlessness, irritation, and sleepiness. No prior drawing or meditation experience is required.

Creativity On Demand

Many people believe that creativity, innovation, and inspiration are the result of a mystical muse that just happens to land in one’s thoughts at the right time.  Well, you might wait a long time for the muse to arrive, but why not simply change your perspective instead?Creativity is like any other skill riding a bike, writing a resume, or hammering a nail you can call on that skill when and where you need it most. By taking this course, you will benefit from the research that universities, corporations and even the CIA have conducted on creativity, and you will learn how to apply it to your art, work, dreams, and projects. Visit the other pages on my website to see how different organizations have benefited from my application of creative skill.

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